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Mauro Sacraida and Melissa Jacobs are integral parts of a very dynamic partnership at the Spa of Awakening. They engage in equal collaboration, playing a crucial role in the spa's success. The owners are driven by strategy, mindset, and a profound passion for wellness, actively contributing to the spa's vision. Together, Mauro Sacraida and Melissa Jacobs lead every element, ensuring that day-to-day operations and every phase reflect their shared commitment to excellence. Beyond the conventional spa experience, they envision the Spa of Awakening as a transformative haven where clients embark on enriching journeys.

They are two hardworking, dedicated individuals. With Mauro's 23 years of experience in the industry and Melissa's 25 years in business, they are leaders in their own right. They have created the spa to offer a special experience for each individual, providing the ability to reconnect with what is important.